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The Miracle You with Vince Kramer

Apr 24, 2023

Join us for this episode of The Miracle You podcast with your guest host Andrea J Lee as she interviews The Round Table channeled by Vice Kramer. In this second of the two-episode interview, Andrea interviews Vince and the energies he channels, the Round Table. In this episode, Andrea asks The Round Table to share their perspective at the highest frequencies and why they support us on our journey.

The Round Table, a group of ascended masters and archangels, offer their profound wisdom to support individuals in reaching their highest potential and discovering their purpose in life. As higher vibrational energies, they understand how our vibrations can lead to personal growth and transformation. Their unique methods of guidance have attracted a dedicated audience of spiritually curious individuals who seek to unlock their own potential. By connecting with The Round Table, one can gain life-changing insights that will propel them towards a more empowered and purposeful existence.