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The Miracle U with Vince Kramer

Dec 29, 2018

Join Vince Kramer and his special guest Dr Veronica Anderson talk about how taking care of your human body as a whole, not just the physical, but the mental, emotional, and spiritual parts of us as well can help us to overcome, heal, and manifest.

Dec 22, 2018

Join Vince Kramer and his special guest Rachelle Trahan who shares how tragic moments can put you in very vulnerable situations. But by making the right decisions with self-love you really can overcome anything.

Dec 16, 2018

Join Vince Kramer and relationship expert Riana Milne in this exciting episode of The Miracle U. Riana Milne is a certified Clinical Trauma expert who helps people who suffer from relationship or childhood trauma.

Dec 10, 2018

Join your host Vince Kramer and his special guest Joe Turcotte (the man that ran across America) while they discuss why it's so critical that you find your passion and purpose and share it with the world for the good of all people. Joe shares his unique story about going down a self-sabotaging and destructive path,...

Dec 1, 2018

This episode of The Miracle U has Tye Miles sharing her wonderful and unique story about going from feeling unfulfilled, and questioning her beliefs, to something truly miraculous. She transformed her life and is inspiring other to change theirs.