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The Miracle U with Vince Kramer

Jun 24, 2019

Join Vince Kramer and his rockin' special guest Kristi Staab while they dive into talking about leadership and being a "Rockstar" within your purpose.

Jun 17, 2019

Join Vince Kramer and his unique guest Dan Lievens while they talk about shining the light in towards ourselves to discover our true powers ...

Jun 10, 2019

Join your host Vince Kramer and his wife Mary Kramer while they talk and teach us about beliefs and emotional energy.

Jun 3, 2019

Join Vince Kramer and his special guest Annette Comer while sharing that some rules really are meant to be broken. Tune in on this week's episode to learn more about how women play a bigger part in leadership today than ever before ...